Depending on client's strategic intent, JSC "Mobile Finance Eurasia" offers various forms of collaboration ranging from advisory services, process consultancy to setting up operation and joint venture development.


The key areas of competence are:

  • Macroeconomic and sector analysis;
  • Regulatory due diligence;
  • Marketing and product development;
  • Strategy analysis and business planning;
  • Tailoring technology solutions to strategy;
  • Data safety and transaction security;
  • Designing the wide acceptance networks;
  • Cash management process optimization;
  • Investment and financial advice.

Our clients:

  • Mobile network operators;
  • Financial institutions (banks, MFIs);
  • Donor organizations and foundations;
  • Government agencies and regulators;
  • Investors and financial intermediaries.

Types of Service:

  Feasibility Study

We provide you with macroeconomic and sector analysis, description of a regulatory framework, mapping of the mobile-finance ecosystem and potential services with brief overview of mobile platforms which can be deployed in your environment.

  Project Design

On the basis of a feasibility study we undertake an analysis of the commercial opportunity and define the risks framework for you to make strategic choices concerning the business model, technology and partners. This is translated into a comprehensive business plan.

  Project Delivery

We engage in a delivery of the business model agreed with our clients which includes negotiating with regulators, integrating a new technology, building the wide acceptance networks, designing and promoting your brand as well as deploying the winning teams.